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Education should be accessible to people of all economic backgrounds. All levels of education, from primary school to tertiary education, should be free. To what extent do you agree with this opinion? There are many scientists and literati who come from low-economic levels of society. It can be the main reason for governments to give educational access to all of the people with any economic backgrounds. This issue has lots of other causes such as following human rights and helping to society’s developingdevelopment, to name but a few. Despite these advantages, free education also has some disadvantages. Maybe it can give the chance of a better life for poor people or help the society to develop more by using all of its human potential, but there is the possibility of devalue devaluing the learning for those who doesn’t do not spend at all/even a penny for it. At first I want to emphasize the importance of free education and some of its advantages. In my view, free education is one of the most significant rights that each people should have it. It is because of that anybody may have a better life now, if they had a better situation in the past. This achievement will extend to the whole society and all of these people with various economic backgrounds can help it to evolve; as we see many poor children in the history that became the most capable ones in the world. likeSuch as any other concept/rules, this issue may have disadvantages too. Free education is thought of as being valueless for people who doesn’t do not pay for it. This will be affecting the quality of instruction, when a lot of students are not as eager as their mates. This problem is more possible in higher education because when they are young/childrena child they don’t have a well clear perception of financial issues. So in my opinion we can divide education as primary and advanced, means meaning tertiary education. While Primary learning is free for all people, higher education will be at a cost but governments should help poor students to have part time jobs to cover these costs. In addition, they can dedicate funds for interested and talented students to help them to flourish. To summarize, all ranges of people should access education as a human right and it should be free for lower economic levels in primary education. University instruction can be not free because of the quality, but suitable part time jobs and persuasive scholarships should be considered by the governments for those students who cannot pay its costs by themselves.

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