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Using animals to test the safety of cosmetics or drugs used for medical reasons is never acceptable. To what extent do you agree with this statement? In this day and age, producing the products that are safe for humans is a main issue which most of the pharmaceutical and beauty-care companies are dealing with. Some companies have offered a multitude of solutions for this issue one of which is to test their new outputs on animals. In the First place, it is very cruel to sacrifice animals for our own purposes. In a year’s time over 100 million from different of species spices die for experimental testing which is very painful. Animal testing causes creatures to suffer great pain and fear during these tests most of the times which in turn leads to only a small fraction of animals to return to nature or their habitat after the experiments. On the other hand, supporters of these experiments believe that animal lives are less valuable than the human beings, so by this method many lives have been saved. For instance, many effective drugs against the illnesses such as cancer, heart dieases have been discovered by scientists. However, I opine that, these experiments should be limited and used only when necessary. In addition, such tests for beauty products must be completely removed from the cosmetic industry. Besides, there is are alternative ways for this issue. For example, the effective use ofusing cell culture cultures is one of the effective methods. Today, almost every type of human and animal cell can be grown in the laboratory. Moreover, Using advanced computers for simulation and modeling is another a very powerful/useful way. So overall, I believe that animal testing is never acceptable when there are different ways for this issue and it should only be used for special cases.

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