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Scientists and technology experts seem to be more valued by modern society than musicians and artists. To what extent do you agree? Modern societies and their needs are seriously changed. Nowadays in most of societies it seems the importance of science and technology is increasingly flourishedemphasized/stressed/reiterated/insisted on, while the value of art and music is highly underestimated. There are different thoughts and a lot of opponents about this issue. Some people believe that artists and musicians are valued as much as scientists and technology experts in modern societies. They opine the growth of art and music is a result of societies’ supports. This range of people also think that we cannot draw a border between art and technology since art and music are using technology and science’s potentials; VR and AR are the most specified examples for their view. Others’ opinion is that there is a huge discrimination and although there is an unrecognizable border between art and technology or science, there is another importance about art and music that is societies’ mental life. In addition to use of technology in art and music, we have to support artists and musicians because of the “art” itself. This reinforcement will bring us a better mental life with more professional music products and more convenient art and designs even in our modern cities. To conclude, modern societies place more value on scientists and technology specialists, and the reason may be that we think more materialistically now and physical needs are more essential to us. But artists and musicians should be supported as well to develop, because our life has two aspects and there are two groups of needs: physical and mental.

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