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Which one is the most important factor to help you work productively? 1. Having an environment free of noise and distractions 2. Knowing that you will receive a reward 3. Doing something you are interested in Nowadays, due to the close competition between companies, the majority of directors are looking for the elements playing a significant role in staffs̕ productivity to take over their rivals. An appropriate situation at work, external motivation, such as extra salary, and internal incentive are some of the vital factors in this regard; however, there is not any consensus as to which is the most important/about the most important one. I, myself, believe that appealing activities are more probable likely to lead to productiveness than others because of some reasons. Firstly, when you perform something a task/an assignment you are passionate about, you do it with your heart. In other words, it is not just your duty, your work is your crush, so you do not need to persuade yourself to get up in the morning to go to your office. You do not struggle to do/ your responsibilities, because it not just a commitment, it is a favorite, and it can definitely influence the quality of your work. As an example, two years ago when I was working on a project which was not my interest, I was always late to start my work. I did not have all my attention during the job, and I looked at my clock/watch frequently to get rid of it. At least some part of my concentration was allocated for thinking about activities I had planned to do after job. Meanwhile, I finished a quarterly project in six months. I donated more time, more endeavor, but with less efficiency. Hence, when people do a disliked job, even though they spend more time and energy, but the output is not desirable. Secondly, when you do an occupation because of some rewards, it increase your motivation, but just for a short time. One of the necessities for continuing a some work is relentless effort. You will face some obstacles in this process which can diminish your drive and cease your project, and you can overcome the problems only when a the work is pleasurable for you. When I was working on my master̕ s thesis five years ago, I came across various difficulties, each of them which had thea potential to hold back off my project. The only reason which moved me forward was my enthusiasm. Had I not loved the topic of my thesis, I would have stopped it. As a result, although some external reasons, such as money, seems tempting, they do not assure an efficacious result. In conclusion, I believe an appealing work task/job/duty/assignment/responsibility is the most important factor in success. Not only will you enjoy doing it, but also you will more effectively conquer difficulties.

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