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Some think scientists should be allowed to be send sent into space to communicate with other life forms while others believe this is too dangerous. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion. The subject that aliens have benefits or they have some disadvantages to humans not specified. It is going to be discussed in the following paragraphs. Some people believe that alien life have has items to learn. Spatially Specially it can help to improve long life because they may have high technology that access to them it for humans will take thousands of years. anOther reason is they have ways of dealing with humans dangerous threatsdamages of human becomestarting them such as nuclear war, global risks threat of global. On the other hands, we don`t know how are aliens’ shape? How is there their life and what areis their mailmeals? They may have 2 green heads with 7 hands. We don`t know how we can communicate with them. They dictates the patternsmeme that it could pose a serious problem to the human race. It takes time forto humans to find a solution.may humans may have to flight the aliens. This issue cause technological and natural life human to stop. But I believe that we can search for them into space and allowed ourselves to that find them. I think if they have excilent technological technologies whichit will help our life and so it is worth.

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