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In recent years some countries have experienced very rapid economic development. This has resulted in much higher standards of living in urban areas but not in the countryside. This situation may bring some problems for the country as a whole. What are these problems? How might they be reduced? In this day and age, the increasing the rate of immigration from the countryside to main cities can be seen considerably compared to the past. The mentioned issue is a main problem which most of the countries are dealing with. First of all, job opportunity is a main factor which leads to people migrating from the countryside to the cities. Also, a high standard of living is another advantage which attracts people to the towns. This issue leads a large number of people to settle in cities which in turn causes traffic congestion and lack of housing and services in towns and cities. Besides, the people of rural areas provide the major proportion of the food supply for the cities, so moving to the cities and emptying the villages makes food production difficult and this problemwhich afflicts the country by famine. This is why the role of the villagers is important in this regard. Moreover, there is a sense that job opportunities and investments in cities help people to have better life compared to the people who live in rural areas. This issue renders the towns richer and the villages poorer which on a larger scale leads to creating income disparity in countries. The key to solving these problems lies with the government. For instance, imposing/levying higher taxes in cities compared to the rural areas with lower taxes is one of the solutions which can be implemented by government. However, this decision must be made wisely since this method should include more people with high incomes. Furthermore, improving the standards of living and the facilities in the countryside is another solution which can be doneadopted/implemented. So overall, I believe that time is ticking away for countries and any solutions to the immigration issue will take time to achieve.

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