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Some countries have introduced a law to limit working hours for employees. Why is this law introduced? Do you think it is a positive or a negative development? It may be surprising that we are witnessed to the reduction of working hours in some nations while in the modern world it seems there is not enough time in a day to get every assigned task done. In my view, it is a significantly effective decision to increase company productivity and also maintain a proper work-life balance for individuals. In this era, the quality of work is more considerable than the quantity. Some successful managers have found that the employees should learn to perform effectively and become results-oriented. Therefore, they have decided to decline reduce the working hours in the organizations which is definitely beneficial to both the employees and the company. Firstly, the employees are obligated to manage their limited time to meet the targets. Consequently, they may find a creative approach to carry out their job and the workplace will be quite desirable when they are constantly are involved to search for the faster solutions. Secondly, the companies will be able to make economies in their expenses such as cutting in salary and energy bills. In addition, this decrease will have a positive effect on strengthening the family relationship because the people typically have much more time to spend with the other members. They can refresh their minds at home while they are playing with their children for the following day,. Subsequently, they will gain the necessary energy to start a new challenging day with tough tasks. On the other hand, when the parents go home early, they will not worry about their children at work, with the awareness of having enough time for the children, they can focus on their duties more seriously during the day which is a considerably effective progress in company productivity. In conclusion, however peculiar it will be the reduction of working hours, it will be more effective to raise the productivity in companies because the employees will learn to work regarding the limited time and meet the goals in dead line as well. Furthermore, they will have more time to be with their families to refresh themselves which also has a positive influence in/on member's relationship.

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