Midnight in Paris 2011 ‧ Fantasy/Romance ‧ 1h 40m 7.7/10IMDb93%Rotten Tomatoes81%Metacritic Gil Pender (Owen Wilson) is a screenwriter and aspiring novelist. Vacationing in Paris with his fiancee (Rachel McAdams), he has taken to touring the city alone. On one such late‐night excursion, Gil encounters a group of strange ‐‐ yet familiar ‐‐ revelers, who sweep him along, apparently back in time, for a night with some of the Jazz Age's icons of art and literature. The more time Gil spends with these cultural heroes of the past, the more dissatisfied he becomes with the present. Release date: May 20, 2011 (USA) Director: Woody Allen Screenplay: Woody Allen Music composed by: Stephane Wrembel Cinematography: Darius KhondjiIdioms, slangs and expressions used in the movie 1. grinding out movie script = producing in such a large amount that it becomes boring and futile 2. to scribble away on my book= writing untidily and carelessly 3. he's a pseudo‐intellectual= pretending to be intelligent 4. fallacy= مغالطه/ سفسطه 5. the erroneous notion = a notion based on wrong ideas and false information 6. it's because of the pheromones that you're giving off pheromone = a chemical substance secreted externally by some animals (especially insects) that influences the physiology or behavior of other animals of the same species 7. I don't want to be a killjoy killjoy= buzzkill = ضدحال 8. pull any punches ممانعت از به کار بردن همه توان برای انجام کاری 9. old sport = buddy 10.You have a glazed look in your eye = having a look without expression because of tiredness or boredom 11.I don't like the thought of her with that Spaniard Spaniard = old term for a Spanish man 12.Memorabilia= mementos/tokens 13.self‐effacing = modest/humble 14.all over the map= everywhere. in a state of disorder.. 15.I don't have to take any crummy rewrite jobs. Crummy= of bad quality/unpleasant 16.Profiterole = a small round pastry with a sweet filling and chocolate on the top 17.your jaw is gonna drop = you will be shocked 18.dripping with sexual innuendo = full of indirect s… implications innuendo /ˌɪnjuˈendəu US ‐dou/ = indirect implication 19."What was prosaic and even vulgar to one generation = ordinary Midnight in Paris (2011) Prosaic= boring and ordinary 20."had been transmuted by the mere passing of years"= changed on appearance and form 21. nary a word = not a word 22. I'm still kind of tinkering To tinker = وصله زدن ٬ تعمير کردن ٬ بند زدن metaphor of an ineffective act 23. She was just a knock‐out= very attractive 24.They are not crypto‐fascist airhead zombies. Crypto‐fascist= hidden fascist Airhead= stupid person 25.That's putting it mildly. To put sth mildly= to say sth politely 26.insurmountable problem= too difficult to deal with 27. You're so fetching in the morning Fetching= extremely attractive 28.the pedantic gentleman= فضل فروش 29.The artist's job is not to succumb to despair To succumb /səˈkʌm/ = to give in تسليم شدن 30.Don't be such a defeatist. defeatist = negativist= someone who always thinks they will fail 31.Everybody's down on moonstone Be down on sth= to dislike 32.she was so snotty snotty = rude and annoying arrogant 33.This is turning into a witch hunt! Witch hunt = searching out and assassinate people with wrong ideas 34.they wouldn't hit it off. Hit it off =if two people hit it off, they like each other as soon as they meet 35.I'm pretty good at picking up on vibrations from people Midnight in Paris (2011) Pick up on= to notice sth about the way someone is behaving or feeling, even though they are trying not to show it 36.Well, everything's a little up in the air right now Up in the air = very uncertain 37.the veneer of civilization quickly fades away veneer of … = behaviour that hides someone's real character or feelings 38.It'll tickle your fancy= attract your attention 39.It's cognitive dissonance. dissonance /ˈdɪsənəns/ = disagreement 40.it's the mystique of this corny city mystique = atmosphere of mystry corny= dull and tiresome but pretending otherwise 41.You just put this in perspective when we get home. = discuss it more seriously 42.your romantic fling= a casual/ brief love affair 43.protagonist = one of the most important supporters of a social or political idea 44.cutout books 45.Gush over the Parisian light Gush= sudden and strong expression of emotions 46.he was up to no good. Synopsis Gil (Owen Wilson), a successful but distracted Hollywood screenwriter, and his fiancée, Inez (Rachel McAdams), are in Paris, vacationing with Inez's wealthy, conservative parents (Mimi Kennedy, Kurt Fuller). Gil is struggling to finish his first novel, which is about a man who works in a nostalgia shop, but Inez and her parents are critical and dismissive of Gil's desire to give up his lucrative Midnight in Paris (2011) Hollywood career to write it. While Gil is considering moving to the city, Inez is intent on living in Malibu. By chance, they are joined by Inez's friend Paul (Michael Sheen), a pseudo‐intellectual who speaks with great authority but little actual accuracy on the history and art of the city. Inez idolizes him, but Gil, who is an ardent admirer of the Lost Generation, finds him insufferable. Paul and his wife Carol (Nina Arianda) invite Inez and Gil to go dancing. Inez accepts but Gil declines and chooses to return to the hotel through the streets of Paris, eventually becoming lost. As he stops, bells chime midnight and an antique car pulls up, and the passengers dressed in 1920s clothingurge Gil to join them. They go to a bar, where Gil comes to realize that he has been transported to the 1920s, an era he admires and idolizes in the novel he is writing. He encounters Cole Porter (Yves Heck), Josephine Baker (Sonia Rolland), and Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald (Alison Pill and Tom Hiddleston), who take him to meet Ernest Hemingway (Corey Stoll). Hemingway agrees to show Gil's novel to Gertrude Stein (Kathy Bates), and Gil goes to fetch his manuscript from his hotel. However, as soon as he leaves the bar, he finds he has returned to 2010. Gil attempts to bring Inez to the past with him the following night, but while they wait, she gets bored, and peevishly returns to the hotel. Just after she leaves, the clock strikes midnight and the car pulls up again, this time with Hemingway inside it. He takes Gil to meet Gertrude Stein, who agrees to read his novel and introduces him to Pablo Picasso (Marcial Di Fonzo Bo) and Picasso's mistress Adriana (Marion Cotillard), a beautiful student of couture to whom Gil is instantly attracted. The next day, back in 2010, Gil encounters Midnight in Paris (2011) Picasso's painting of Adriana at a museum, and recites much information about its creation, which annoys Paul (because it contradicts much of what he had been saying) and Inez becomes embarrassed, because she cannot appreciate what he is saying and believes Paul. Over the next few days, Gil spends each night in the past. His late‐night wanderings frustrate Inez, who cannot understand his interest in Paris or his desire to write a novel, and arouse the suspicion of her father, who hires a detective (Gad Elmaleh) to follow Gil. This proves unsuccessful, as the detective attempts to follow the car and winds up lost in Versailles during the era of Louis XIV. Gil spends increasing amounts of time with Adriana, who leaves Picasso and has a brief dalliance with Hemingway. Gil realizes that he is falling in love with her, leaving him conflicted and confused. He confides his predicament to Salvador Dalí (Adrien Brody), Man Ray (Tom Cordier) and Luis Buñuel (Adrien de Van), but being surrealists they consider his position to be totally normal and see nothing strange about his coming from the future. While Inez shops for furniture in the Marché aux puces (flea market) on the outskirts of Paris, Gil meets Gabrielle (Léa Seydoux), an antiques dealer who shares his fondness for the twenties and the music of Cole Porter. Gil later discovers Adriana's diary from the 1920s in a book stall on the Seine and finds out that she was in love with him. Reading that she dreamt of receiving a gift of earrings from him and then making love to him, Gil attempts to steal a pair of earrings from Inez to give to Adriana but is thwarted by Inez's early return from a trip. Midnight in Paris (2011) Gil purchases earrings for Adriana and, returning to the past, confesses his love for her. As they kiss, a horse and carriage appears. They are invited inside by a richly‐dressed couple and are transported back to the Belle Époque, an era Adriana considers Paris's Golden Age. They are taken to the famous Maxim's Paris restaurant, and meet Henri de Toulouse‐Lautrec (Vincent Menjou Cortes), Paul Gauguin (Olivier Rabourdin) and Edgar Degas (François Rostain). When Gil asks what they thought the best era was, the three determine that the greatest era was the Renaissance. The enthralled Adriana is offered a job designing ballet costumes, and proposes to Gil that they stay, but Gil realizes that despite the allure of nostalgia, it is better to accept the present for what it is. Adriana elects to stay in the past, and they sadly part ways. Gil retrieves his novel from Gertrude Stein, who praises his progress as a writer but questions why the main character has not realized that his fiancée (based on Inez) is having an affair with a pedantic character based on Paul. Gil returns to the present and confronts Inez. She admits to sleeping with Paul but claims that it can be forgotten when they return to California. Gil breaks up with Inez and decides to remain in Paris. Taking a walk at midnight, he unexpectedly meets Gabrielle, and offers to walk her home

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