Book's name: The Da Vinci Code (By Mohsen Abolhasani)

Writer: Dan Brown

Telegram Channel: @sabaitc

Book's name: The Da Vinci Code

Writer: Dan Brown Part: 2/3


My outtakes go as follows:


77. Offertory money [to the church] 78. The newspaper was a week old 79. Fache’s tone lowered to a guttural rumble 80. Fache and the ambassador locked horns over shared affair 81. Fache frowned inwardly at the delay 82. The picture evaporated into oblivion 83. As he toweled off, the door creaked open 84. Sophie’s voice dropped to a whisper 85. At the westernmost tip of the Denon Wing 86. The final line hit Langdon like a kick in the gut 87. Langdon could not fathom why 88. Sauniere is trying to frame me 89. Whether or not Sophie had lost her mind was…up for grabs 90. We had a falling-out ten years ago 91. Any chance Langdon is onto us? 92. The task before him require more finesse than power 93. I have abided by your wished for so long 94. A leap from this height would leave Langdon with a couple of broken legs95. Fache was pacing like a caged lion 96. There were no trees…to cushion a fall 97. Fache kept running cursing the length of the hallway with every step 98. I'm sorry I'm so little help 99. Stretched across the massive truck’s cargo was a blue vinyl tarp 100. Alarms erupted overhead at earsplitting decibel levels 101. Sirens [were] tearing away from the Louvre 102. A cryptographic gibberish 103. They were an apropos inside joke 104. Eerie exactitude to the ratio of PHI to 1 105. No way?! Way! 106. Sophie has stated flat out that… 107. The entryway yawned open 108. I can’t possibly stay mad at you 109. Sophie felt a knot tighten in her stomach 110. His voice [was] tremulous with excitement 111. Turgid waters of the Seine 112. Fache felt dumbstruck 113. She tipped him off 114. Hedging his bets, he ordered… 115. His thoughts churned 116. Wage a campaign against 117. He yanked his walkie talkie off his belt 118. [He] aimed his gun at her but instantly realized it was an empty threat 119. She set the phone back in the cradle 120. It was large enough to swallow their Smart Car in a single gulp 121. The Smart Car engine whined in protest 122. Sophie flicked his headlights and stole a quick glance both ways123. Before flooring the accelerator again and carving sharp left turn through the empty intersection onto Rivoli 124. Votive candle-holder 125. Alabaster-white flesh soaked with blood-red slacks 126. A perilous outcracking of rocks 127. A tightness gripped his throat 128. She was partially ensconced 129. She flashed a triumphant smile 130. Taking the stairs two at the time, Langdon… 131. Sophie gunned the car up 132. Putting the car in reverse, she performed a composed three-point turn 133. A pewter cup of coffee 134. The keys…are often willed through generations 135. Sophie looked leery 136. He feigned a courtroom oath 137. My lawyer will fricassee your testicles 138. The Jaguar peeled out of the hangar 139. New medications give me the tinkles 140. [They] were burned at the stake

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