Page 1 of 1 Dexter S03xE04 Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the episode (Rahmat Vahdani) 1. Bum knee = injured knee 2. The same MO = method 3. Crowbarred open = open with a crowbar, A crowbar, wrecking bar, pry bar, or prybar, pinch‐bar or sometimes a prise bar, prisebar, and more informally a jimmy, jimmy bar, jemmy or PikiPiki[1] or gooseneck is a tool consisting of a metal bar with a single curved end and flattened points, often with a small fissure on one or both ends for removing nails. 4. B&E gone sideways = breaking and entering, illegal entry 5. Now I have to comp the honeymoon suite = offer free 6. Preaching to the choir = you don't need to explain to us 7. Keynote address = most important 8. Ganache frosting = 9. I like the sound of the quid. What's the pro quo? = what do you want in exchange? 10. The shit is going to be flying in your direction = you will be in trouble 11. Two fingers (Scotch)= little amount of a drink Dexter S03xE05 (sabay Sahar, Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the episode (Rahmat Vahdani) 1. This is how Custer must have felt = General Custer Armstrong who died fighting the Indians 2. I've got unis bringing in sb = cops in uniform 3. bupkis = Nothing, nada, zilch, zippo Example: I lost all my money in the stock market so now I have bupkis . 4. due diligence = noun Law reasonable steps taken by a person in order to avoid committing an offence, especially in buying or selling something 5. roach coach = Mobile food trucks, nicknamed "roach coaches" or "gut trucks," have been around for years, serving construction sites, factories, and other blue‐collar locations. In big cities of the U.S. the food truck traditionally provided a means for the on‐the‐go person to grab a quick bite at a low cost. 6. Ink in the papillary and reticular dermis 7. Strangulation = choking 8. f… pad = small apartment for ….. purposes 9. move decoys around = change tricks 10. sandbag the other team = sabotage, treat unfairly Page 2 of 1 11. schedule some showings = occasion when you are taken to see apartments before you rent or buy them 12. Looking for you‐know‐who = sb whose name I forgot, or it is a secret 13. She will be waiting up = not go to bed Dexter S03xE06 (sabay Sahar, Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the episode Lowlifes = bad criminals Keep me in the loop = inform me, update me Keep it under wraps = keep it secret With your people skill = since you are sociable and friendly with others Sink that low = stoop to a low level Throw in with these bottom eaters = join or associate with bad people Hear unexpurgated version = the naked truth Let's how this thing calls to me = how it plays out You left behind a debris field = ruined everything Im not helping your spic ass with shit Im your wheelman I would have Prep‐walked him Sandpaper enema She is so gung ho to bring you down = excited, eager Those are in short supply these days = few Dexter S03xE07 (sabay Sahar, Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the episode 1. Play a quick nine = a shorter game of golf than an 18 one 2. He bolts = leaves, escapes 3. College valedictorian = the student who has received the best marks all the way through school, and who usually makes a speech at the 4. Jimmy the front window = open the window with a crowbar 5. Took a swing at the perp = attacked 6. I lay you odds he walks again = I am sure 7. CI = confidential informant 8. At the ass‐crack of dawn = too early in the morning 9. Maybe you are reading into it = misunderstand 10. Broad strokes? = main issues? Page 3 of 1 11. Tipsters calling in = people with tips 12. Wear your flak jacket = bullet‐proof jacket 13. You spout off about justice and … = pretentiously talking 14. For a fast buck = quick easy money that is earned unscrupulously 15. How many pro bonos do you get Miguel? 16. The caffeine is giving you Tourette's = tics 17. Dead‐bolts 18. That's a kind of a button with you 19. Cloud up one's thinking 20. You reigned me in 21. Pancuronium 22. Dexter S03xE08 (sabay Sahar, Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the episode 1. He's kind of a dweeb = a weak, strange not fashionable person 2. Bonehead mistake = stupid mistake 3. He bludgeons people to death = batter, beat, hit, clobber 4. Thirty grand in the whole 5. Good D = good defense 6. You got a little money riding on this? = gambling 7. Beat the points spread = very close in results 8. He jobbed us = cheated us 9. Issue a BOLO = As used by American police, the term dates to at least 1960. An allpoints bulletin can also be known as a BOLO or BOL, which stands for "be on the look‐out". Such an alert may also be called a lookout or ATL ("attempt to locate"). It is a radio message sent to every officer in a police force giving details of a suspected criminal or stolen vehicle. 10. He turns to jello = he gets too scared Dexter S03xE09 (Sabay Sahar, Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the episode 1. Pull in some off‐duties to man the phone bank = use everyone to look into the database 2. He was out till all hours last night = very late Page 4 of 1 3. Go half‐cocked = do sth without thinking properly 4. That camera has been on the fritz = broken, not working properly Dexter S03xE10 (Sabay Sahar, Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the episode Pumpkin and sage ravioli Grease it = sooner She's ripe for the picking Dexter S03xE11 (Sabay Sahar, Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the episode Squeeze in a power nap = short sleep whch makes you stronger The less left to chance, the better = leave no room for mistakes and chance Dongs and gongs required = only men Giving me the run‐around = سردواندن That requires finesse = skill Blow me = shut up, I do not care

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