Person of Interest.S01 Idioms

1 Person of Interest American drama series 8.4/10∙IMDb 8.6/10∙ 87%∙Rotten Tomatoes Former CIA agent Reese (Jim Caviezel) ‐‐ now presumed dead ‐‐ and billionaire software genius Finch (Michael Emerson) join forces as a vigilante crime‐fighting team. Using Finch's program, which employs pattern recognition to determine individuals who will soon be involved in violent crimes, they combine Reese's covert‐operations training and Finch's money and cyberskills to stop crimes before they happen. Former Army Intelligence Support Activity operative Sameen Shaw joins the pair in their quest. First episode date: September 22, 2011 Network: CBS Theme song: Person of Interest Theme Song Writers: Jonathan Nolan, David Slack, Patrick Harbinson, Melissa Scrivner Love, Dan Dietz, Erik Mountain Person of interest S01xE01 Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the episode (Rahmat Vahdani) 1. Protected from high on = influential people protect him/her 2. It is eating away at me = bothering too much 3. Off‐switch = change 4. Groupie = a young woman who follows popular musicians or other famous people around, hoping to meet them 5. Grow some stones = be a man, be brave, act like an adult Person of interest S01xE02 Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the episode (Rahmat Vahdani) 1. The machine spit out her number = produced, gave us her name 2. Muzzle impressions = The annular skin impact against muzzle produced by discharge gases or temporary cavity formation in contact and near contact gunshot 3. After the fact = after the committing of a crime 4. Popped for shoplifting = arrested 5. Dredging difficult memories = it makes you remember them 6. Never came out of the funk = she was fearful/scared 7. Smart as a whip = very intelligent 8. Trigger‐happy hobo = he loves shooting 9. Uncle's MIA = missing in action 10. Skate‐rat park = a park where skateboard riders play 11. Newsflash = brief news in the middle of another program 12. Old man went postal on her whole family = very angry 13. Don't dawdle = don't waste time 14. A front for dirty money = they are doing money‐laundry 15. A 10 bagger = the value ten‐folded, ده برابر شد 16. The kicker is that …. = the surprise is …. 17. The investment panned 50‐fold = the value rose 50 times 2 18. Break ground = start construction, کلنگ احداث 19. Call off the dogs = ask your men not to kill their target Person of interest S01xE03 Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the episode (Rahmat Vahdani) 1. Warp your judgment = affect 2. Cabbie = taxi driver 3. They made their courier = they sent the money by taxi, or another means of transport 4. Run a check on sth = check it 5. Cab medallion medal = the taxi registration number 6. Before he dropped cash off with Joey = before he gave it to him 7. Interested in lump sums = a lot of money 8. Such a hotshot = a very successful, smart and important person 9. CSU did elimination prints = crime scene unit 10. The guard's holster = the case for his gun 11. He Slipped away = escaped 12. Mil‐spec radio = a type of walkie‐talkie with high security 13. Mainly takeout = meal you take out from a restaurant and eat at home 14. Couple calls to some jarheads in San Diego = a marine soldier 15. Walk into a bullet = to be hit by a bullet 16. I'm staying in a fleapit = a very bad room or flat 17. Bankers robbed the country blind = they stole everything 18. He's so jumpy = worried or nervous 19. He got blown up twice = experienced a bomb explosion or was shot badly 20. How you divvy up is your business = share, divide 21. Radio comms only = we talk only through walkie‐talkie 22. Guilt trip = when you feel you owe someone, also to make someone feel guilty 23. Put me on honor guard = guarding for an important person 24. Lay the world at her feet = do everything you can for someone 25. He's a bit of a closed book = introverted, doesn't say much 26. Team's cracking up, time to refresh = team is dissolving, breaking apart 27. Some probate issues on the property = law the legal process of deciding that someone's will has been properly made 28. He must've ground down the firing pin = he meddles with the gun so that it doesn't fire or shoot

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