How to Get Away With Murder , Mougeh Javadi

How to get away with murder/ Season 1 Episode 1 (Mougeh Javadi) Idioms, slangs and the expressions used in the episode 1. burn those pansy‐ass OHIO players right to the ground = defeat them 2. Hide it in plain sight (in plain sight= easily to see or notice) 3. she's a ballbuster = a person who is relentlessly aggressive, intimidating, or domineering 4. I'm not usually a first‐row kind of guy = I prefer to sit at the back کسی که رديف جلوی کلاس می نشيند 5. You don't want to be a sitting duck = a defenseless victim 6. Kaufman went into anaphylactic shock = allergy causing shock 7. Anaphylaxis= vulnerability; abnormal sensitivity to proteins 8. to resuscitate him احيا کردن 9. "Actus reus" = guilty act/criminal act (/ˈæktəs ˈreɪɪəs/) 10. "mens rea" = guilty mind/criminal intent [menz ree‐uh] 11. See if you can beat my current plan = defeat me 12. Consider this your immunity idol. = The Immunity Idol is a totem that symbolizes Tribal Immunity, and is awarded to the winning tribe(s) of an Immunity Challenge. 13.Ipso facto = by the fact itself 14. Stockholm syndrome = the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor 15.Law of torts قانون مسئوليت مدنی 16.podunk place : a podunk place is small and unimportant Bob's from some podunk town in Iowa. 17. trailer trash = an insulting word for poor people who live in trailer parks 18.achromatopsia کوررنگی 19.fraternity # sorority a. a social club for male undergraduates # a social club for female undergraduates 20. I have to side with the defense here.= agree/support 21. The e‐mail's admissible= deserving to be admitted 22. get your head out of your ass! = be careful/cautious. Don't be playful 23. This place is a dogfight 24/7. = all the time people are fighting 24. only the big dog get the bone. = 25. You're on to me = you are aware of my acts, looking over my shoulder, breathing down my neck 26. You're a misogynistic ass = (misogynistic = who hates women) 27. you got the footage from the convenience store (footage = film that has been shot) 28. I'm the shoddy lawyer who put you there! Shoddy = made cheaply or carelessly 29. I grilled Gina the minute we got this case. a. grill sb about/on sth = to ask someone a lot of questions about something 30. working at the precinct = a district of a city or town marked out for administrative purposes 31. you think well on your feet = Fig. to be able to speak and reason well while (standing and talking) in front of an audience, especially extemporaneously. She really thinks on her feet well.

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