1 Lost (by Zahra Minooneshan) Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the series He has a cast‐iron alibi An alibi: Something to prove one was not where a crime took place A perfect/cast‐iron alibi Call me a broken record, but… A broken record keeps repeating its content. The speaker has been repeating the same thing again and again but needs to emphasize! What's this inside joke between you and her? An inside joke is a joke between a certain group of people, hence not understandable for the others. Don't give in to your temptation Don't let your temptation get the better of you, don't yield to your temptation My shoulder is dislocated It is broken or out of joint You are losing me! I don't understand this part of what you are telling me. I am not following. I am six weeks late Said by a girl or a woman when there has been a delay in their period, i.e. monthly bleeding, menstruation Who orchestrated the bombing? 2 Who planned and controlled bombing? Who engineered it? I have enough on my plate I am already very busy/ in trouble That would trigger an early labour If something triggers an early labour, it will push a pregnant woman to give birth earlier than it is supposed to. Suit yourself! Do as you wish although I don't approve of what you wish to do He succumbed to injuries He could not survive the accident and is dead For the greater good When you have to sacrifice something important in order to get a more significant result Her blood pressure was precipitously falling Very suddenly and quickly You are far‐sighted If you are far‐sighted, you have difficulty seeing things up‐close, so you need glasses while reading a book. Synonym: long‐sighted ( Br E)opposite: short‐sighted However she talked you into doing this, she lied! Whatever technique she used to convince you, she was not being sincere! I stuck my nose where it didn't belong I interfered with someone else's business 3 Don't play dumb on me Don't pretend as if you don't know خودتو به اون راه نزن /don't plead ignorance I'll leave you to it I am leaving so that you can proceed with what you have been doing Have you thought through the ramifications? Have you considered all the negative consequences your action might have? So be it! Do as you wish/suit yourself Wait till you are blue in the face What you are waiting for has no end and no outcome You are smitten! When you suddenly feel you love someone very much A tiger can't change stripes! A person's character, especially a bad one won't change Hate me all you want, but… هر چقدر دوست داری از من متنفر باش ولی I knew it from the get‐go From the outset, from the very beginning Chances are slim at best It's not impossible, but very unlikely If I were his dad, I would show him the back of my hand! To make as if you are going to hit somebody with your hand! 4 He might be past listening to reason He no longer considers if what he is doing is reasonable Since the down of our species Since the year dot, since the time immemorial, since a very long time ago Trust is a hard thing to win back Once trust is lost, you cannot easily trust the same person again Sod off! Shut up! Baptism; call it spiritual insurance اسمشو بذار يکجور بيمه معنوی (همون بيمه مادر خودمونه  You have given up the right to be believed! Since you have been untruthful, nobody believes you anymore! Change the combination pronto Very quickly, immediately Do we have to run everything by Jack? Do we have to ask for Jack's confirmation before we do anything? Don't give them false hope Don't make them hopeful over something which will never happen, pious hope I have been on remission, but now it's back again My illness was improving for a while, but now it's back We might get spotted by a plane People on a plane might take a notice of us 5 A healer harnesses energy and gives it to others A healer controls energy and pays it forward He went on a hunger strike A period of time when a prisoner, etc. refuses to eat I wonder why you wanded me at security To move a scanner over one's body and bags to see if they have something illegal We had to cut him loose We had to set him free My son ratted me out for drinking on the job My son informed the police that I was drunk while performing my job My son gave me away, blew the whistle on me Aren't you remotely curious? Aren't you curious at all? You'd better put your mango where your mouth is! The actual idiom is: You'd better put your money where your mouth is, meaning you should actually do something about what you say, perhaps spending money. Here, Sawyer is asking Jack to play cards with them over mangos instead of giving tips as to how to play! This is gonna sting Putting alcohol on the wound is going to hurt ميسوزونه How are you holding up? 6 You say this to someone after they have been through a difficulty, e.g. illness, the loss of someone dear, etc. Try to contain yourself freckles! Try to control your emotion and excitement She happens to have the hots for you She finds you appealing, she likes you I couldn't agree more I agree with you a hundred percent Fate has thrown the two of us together We were destined to meet each other Don't take your problem out on me I am not responsible or guilty because of your problems Here's the thing Used when you are trying to explain something to someone It's the thought that counts The intention of doing something is more important than the act itself الاعمال بالنيات  She is a very long story! I cannot tell you who she is and how we met in one sentence, it's complicated! Why should we take their word on everything? 7 Why should we listen to them and accept whatever they say? It's a miracle; a confirmation of fate! This extraordinary thing makes us believe in fate Enjoy your sodding book Sodding=bloody ( a euphemism for the F word) She's despondent She is devastated All we have is the element of surprise The fact that our enemies don't know we are going to attack them, can give us an upper hand تنها برگ برنده ما غاقلگير کردن اونهاست We're puppets on a string They decide what we should do or shouldn't. We don't have a say in what we do Ignorance is bliss The less you know, the less you have to worry about I was unsuitable for her on several levels I was not a good match for her It's water under the bridge now It has already happened and we can't do anything about it now Don't hold your breath It is not going to happen soon You don't seem remotely surprised! 8 You are not surprised at all I stand corrected I admit that I was wrong I am sorry about all the theatrics I am sorry all I did was an act and nothing real Roger that! اطاعت We have some catching up to do We need to talk about the previous events I'm afraid there are no more refills left on this prescription If you fill a prescription, you take it to a drugstore to get your medicine. A refill is when you use the same prescription to get the same medicine again. History is about to repeat itself! The same chain of events is going to happen again! The patient was highly responsive to the treatment and entirely lucid The treatment was working successfully and the patient was in complete mental health Holler if you need me Just call my name I'm still in one piece! I am still alive and relatively healthy I thought I'd spare you the drama I skipped the sad part not to hurt you 9 What I've done has been to everybody's best interest It is the best thing to do for all of us You are charged with murder in the first degree A murder in which someone deliberately kills someone else The defendant must be remanded in custody The defendant must be sent to prison before her trial It'll generate tremendous sympathy! People will sympathise with the defendant I'd like to renew my objection to this witness on the basis of relevance This witness and what he is talking about has nothing to do with the case Your objection is sustained/ overruled اعتراض وارد است/وارد نيست Your lawyer gave me the heads up Your lawyer clued me in, told me about the issue Can you gut a fish? To clean a fish and make it ready to be cooked and/or eaten 50 people disappeared into thin air 50 people disappeared completely, suddenly and unexpectedly If you pop the trunk, I'll get your bags To open the trunk (boot) of a car 10 Six month sounds like an eternity! It sounds like a very long time, sounds like forever! My head's pounding I have a very bad headache, a pounding headache, a splitting headache I am more of a researcher than doctor My line of work is closer to being a researcher We cleared our schedules, we have all the time in the world We have a lot of free time To everyone's surprise, her cancer went into a complete remission Her cancer completely disappeared. She survived the cancer How long before the medicine takes effect? If a medicine takes effect, it starts to affect the patient to make them feel better or calmer They are willing to give you the benefit of the doubt To accept what someone tells you, even though you can't be sure I admit to it, but it was the only way to earn your trust To make someone trust you I was gassed I was poisoned with gas She should be symptomatic in 48 hours 11 In two days, she will show symptoms A vow of silence that lasts as long as we see fit This silence will continue as long as we want to You're not cut out to be a monk You are not suitable for being a monk She parachuted on the island yesterday Anyone wants to venture a guess as to what Jack's gonna be showing us out in the middle of nowhere? Can anyone even guess what is Jack going to show us farther away in the island? You're about to be detonated! You are going to be exploded! It's some colossal joke! I can't believe it, it is ridiculous! You can get electrocuted! You might get killed by electricity I didn't think you had the stones to come after me I didn't think you had the guts/courage to do it We got more than we bargained for To receive more than anticipated, esp. something unfavourable Let's dig in Let's start eating 12 You screwed up John! You blew it big time! You failed, you made a mess! Your zero tolerance policy for heroine You can't stand it at all, you don't have any tolerance when it comes to heroine The hatch must have imploded To explode from inside Talk to him all you want, but… هرچه قدر ميخوای باهاش حرف بزن ولی Watch and learn I know how to do it, but you don't Are you ready to fill me in? Are you ready to tell me what happened? Rumour has it… It's what people have been saying, though not necessarily true Who is the punching bag? Who are you going to blame? What brings you here? What is the reason why you are here? They stick pacemakers in the tickers! The informal word for heart Just shoot me and get it over with! 13 Just kill me and move on You conned me and I pressed charges You cheated me out of my money and I made a legal complaint We could just chill out here and get the lay of the land We could just stay here and relax and survey the place to find out what is going on The more the merrier The more, the better Doctor patient confidentiality Things a patient shares with their doctor which the doctor cannot disclose She bears a striking resemblance to your ex‐wife She and your ex‐wife look alike That would be another nail in my coffin That would be yet another problem for me Thanks all the same! Thanks although you weren't helpful There's no such thing as fate Fate doesn't exist My life flashed before my eyes In my mind, I had a picture of all my life quickly passing Cowboy up! You are supposed to be tough 14 Be strong and brave, gird up your loins! Some of the girls are worth the trouble Some of the girls are good‐ enough for you to get into trouble An eye for an eye! A fair/ poetic punishment, just deserts The cavalry has arrived at last A powerful assistance in time of difficulty, sometimes used humorously He's a nutter A stupid person From here on out, you should be closely monitored! From now on Your bedside manner leaves something to be desired Jack! Jack! You as a doctor don't know how to behave towards your patients! Ben has commuted Juliet's sentence Ben has made Juliet's punishment less severe Execution is off the table Killing is not an option here I'm kind of cursed, death finds me! Bad luck keeps my company wherever I go Winning the lottery; untold millions falling into your lap overnight! If you win the lottery, in one night you have millions of dollars effortlessly! It's just a puff piece! 15 An insincere speech praising someone or something They offered a truce A ceasefire We are both outsiders here People do not like us because we don't belong Oh, I suck at charades! My charade skills are too basic, I don't know how to play I thought you needed a manly influence; a father Now you are talking! Used to express a complete agreement with someone's ideas, suggestions, etc. I checked every nook and cranny I checked everywhere Thanks for the pep talk! Thanks for trying to encourage me and your motivating words I'm wasting my breath You won't listen to me, I am speaking in vein Sea birds are migratory Birds migrate What happened to 'seizing the day'? تو که ميگفتی لحظه رو درياب پس چی شد The truck came out of nowhere The truck came unexpectedly 16 We will just have to wait and see Only time will tell These machines are sustaining her life If we disconnect these machines, she will die Make sure it will function at all costs It has to function, no matter what I don't want to advocate false hope I don't want to make people hopeful over nothing We had a fling! a short casual relationship He's on to you! He knows about your secret and is watching you Mr. Talbot's family is worth somewhere in the neighbourhood of $ 200 million The family is worth around $ 200 million, the idiom is used to show proximity As much as they like this place, they need to know they can leave if they want Although His identity has been shrouded in mystery for four seasons! If something is shrouded in mystery, No one knows about it I'll find out what he's emotionally invested in I will find out what is emotionally important for him. 17 This place gives me the creeps It makes me feel nervous and frightened Where did this sudden burst of optimism come from? How come all of a sudden you are so optimistic? We'll cross that bridge when we come to it We will think of this problem when the time comes, still too early to worry about it I'll call that good odds! We have high chance He was sterile before coming to the island! He was infertile, i.e. incapable of making a woman pregnant The minute you showed up, I started to feel pins and needles Your presence made me feel uneasy, out of my elements We are having some skirmish with the natives! We are at fight with people who live here You are still crippled by memories You are still negatively influenced by your past and what happened You need to make a gesture of freewill of commitment You have to somehow show that you are willing to be with them That bald‐headed is my son, as in I am his father! 18 Used to emphasis Don't get worked up Don't lose your temper, don't get angry Juliet is a mole! Juliet is a spy You are the man behind the curtains; the wizard of OZ! You are the one behind all these! They beat him senseless They hit him until he lost consciousness There's a siren wailing The siren is making a sound 19

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