1. No offense … None taken 2. We had a certain rapport= had a friendly agreement, understanding 3. And it's a two‐way street = a mutual situation 4. You actually have a form of Stockholm Syndrome, where hostages empathize with their captors. 5. you are very malleable =easily changed/ influenced by others 6. You can begin to forge a new, healthy friendship forge a relationship/alliance/link etc (with sb) = to form a relationship 7. It barks incessantly= constantly 8. And speak of the devil , … = حلال زاده بود 9. Knock yourself out = try hard/ go the extra miles 10. it sends a chill down my spine = makes me extremely frightened 11. recently there's been a little hiccup in our relationship. = problem 12. She's trying to win you over to her side. = make you support him 13. you hideous slug of a man. =disgusting 14. I've realized this home holds a special place in my heart. 15. in your own demented way demented = affected with madness or insanity 16. He's indisposed at the moment. Indisposed= ill 17. The criminal is trying to throw the police off the trail/track = mislead, confuse, deviated 18. An ordeal like this, it makes you realize what's important. Ordeal= a terrible or painful experience that continues for a period of time

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