about the show
When Emily Thorne arrived in the Hamptons, she appeared to be nothing more than the friendly,
sophisticated "girl next door." But Emily is more than what she seems. When she was a child, her
father was framed then murdered by the people he trusted most, leaving her to be consumed by loss,
betrayal and rage. Since then, Emily's every social overture has been carefully planned to bring the
opulent lives of her enemies crashing down around them. But now, having achieved her goal of taking
the Graysons down, a new truth has come to light... her father is ALIVE! How will she continue when
the biggest motive behind her revenge is no longer true?
Revenge Season 01 episode Pilot (by Rahmat Vahdani Sanavi)
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
1. Before you embark on a journey of revenge dig two graves = قبل از مبادرت به گرفتن انتقام اول دو قبر بکن
2. Simple as the Sunday school proverb = very easy
3. Neat little morality slogan = شعار اخلافی
4. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you = treat others fairly
5. Two wrongs don't make a right = you can't make a second mistake to compensate for the first one
6. Labor Day weekend = a public holiday in the US on the first Monday in September
7. Mortal vindication = acquit/exoneration/justification
8. Walking the beach = walk on the beach
9. That makes two of us = we are like each other
10. In this tux = formal black jacket
11. Primal bookends = basic objects that you put at the end of a row of books to prevent them from falling
12. Loyal Hamptonite = loyal people of Hamptons (an area for the rich and their villas
13. I love you infinity = very much
14. Grayson manor = a big house in the country
15. Reigning queen of the Hamptonite = the present queen
16. She earned the title = she worked hard for it and deserves it17. I might as well move back to Croydon = sine I have no other choice
18. 10,000 a pop/per ticket = a person = per head
19. The new renter is settling in = moving in
20. Lucky girl scoring the property = obtained the house at a bargain
21. Don't think I didn't see u eyeballing the case of beer = look at something directly and closely
22. Double check the inventory = the of the goods in a shop = موجودی کالا
23. Washing the garbage bins beats the future shipwreck = is better than
24. Drum up some more business = try to improve the business activities of a company=sell more
25. How are u holding up? = are you ok?
26. Release your claim on the West Side walk‐up = stop trying to get the apartment building without an
27. Lose it to one of the she‐wolves = tricky women
28. I can't bear the thought of sth = I can't tolerate it
29. Word gets around like lightning = quickly
30. Deliver Mrs.Smith's Manet to be set up for auction in the main cabin = Manet was a French painter
31. End up on "page six " = gossip page of the local newspaper
32. I'm a little wiped out = very tired
33. Swipe the card = to pull a plastic card through a machine that can read the electronic information on it:
Swipe your card to open the door.
34. This place can't afford bad press = they need journalists to write good pieces not against them
35. We'll take three rum & diets = a kind of drink
36. Looks like a STEMI = heartattack, STEMI is an acronym meaning "ST segment elevation myocardial
infarction," which is a type of heart attack.
37. We need an EKG = electrocardiogram
38. He's kind of an old grump = he nags too much
39. I'll walk you over to the bar = walk with you
40. My family owns the tavern down by the docks, the stow‐away = 1. British English old use a ↑pub
where you can also stay the night 2. a word for a bar, often used in the name of a bar: Murphy's
41. I'll put you on the official comp list = the list of people receiving free drinks
42. I'm not picking up the tab = I will pay
43. Acute abdominal dyspepsia = a disease related to indigestion, نوعی سو هاضمه
44. The remorse of a guilty stomach = regret
45. Healthy as a horse/a thoroughbred = very healthy
46. Spicy bisque = Bisque is a smooth, creamy, highly seasoned soup of French origin, classically based on
a strained broth of crustaceans. It can be made from lobster, crab, shrimp or crayfish. Wikipedia
47. I know who to snuggle up to = to settle into a warm comfortable position
snuggle up/down/against etc She snuggled up in Lea's lap to listen to the story.
48. Quick tutorial = explanation49. Shoe buyer for Barney of New York = Shop Barneys New York for designer handbags, shoes and
women's and men's designer clothing by Alexander Wang, Christian Louboutin, Lanvin and Moncler
50. Victoria's tragically privileged spawn = her child has a lot of privileges
51. And the plot thickens = the story becomes more interesting
52. Former tech‐boom whizzkid = smart boy
53. Perennial pain in the a… = the person is a source of stress
54. You dodged a bullet yesterday = avoided
55. Volunteering the MET = worked in the MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) for free
56. Setting sail for Haiti = leaving for Haiti, عازم هاييتی شدن
57. Pitch in with the Red Cross = help people through the Red Cross
58. Out of my hands = not in my control
59. Bump it up a notch = improve it a bit
60. Twice the alcohol, half the stain potential = although the alcohol content is
61. Full payment on the arrears = money that you owe someone because you have not made regular
payments at the correct time: We've got 3 months' arrears to pay. rent/mortgage/tax arrears He was
ordered to pay rent arrears of £550.
62. Screw in a light bulb = attach a light bulb by turning it
63. I'm just buzzed enough = I already have enough problems
64. Don't let my mom rattle you = bother you
65. I hate to be on her bad side = her enemy
66. You got plenty in the bargain = you will be a winner
67. Crush your windpipe = kill you
68. No one wants this imperious cadre of toxic phonies to disappear more than I do = arrogant, overbearing,
tyrannicalRevenge season 01 Episode 19
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
1. They're hardcore = aggressive, [only before noun] having an extreme way of life or an extreme
belief that is very unlikely to change: a hard-core drug addict
hard-core racists
2. Dial back on that indignation = stop hating them
3. He'll pull your tuition = he will stop paying your college fee
4. I didn't deserve the reprieve = to be forgiven, given a second chance
5. He was in over his head = overwhelmed, more than he could handle
6. You were a pawn in our decrepit marriage = you were used, taken advantage of
7. Take the moral high ground = pretend to be more moral or ethical than others
8. The vitriol directed at you = the unkind words against you
9. To go to Collins Prep on his dime = he will sponsor
10. Cut a check to sb = write a check
11. He doubled down on Grayson =
12. She is trying to drive a wedge between us = ruin our relationship
13. Wrest control of the company = seize
14. Worm your way into the nadir of repugnance = gradually become the worst, and most disgusting
15. Stave off sin = avoid it
16. In the midst of a maelstrom = chaos, disorder, anarchy
17. He took a shine to the new CFO = begin to like her
18. I'm prepared to forgo all that = DO WITHOUT, go without, give up, waive, renounce, surrender,
relinquish, part with, drop, sacrifice, abstain from, refrain from, eschew, cut out; informal
swear off; formal forswear, abjure
19. You so much as lay a hand on my son, I will kill you = don't you dare harm him
20. She trotted out the same old excuses = همون بهانه های هميشگی رو تحويل داد
21. I prefer sb less burdened at the helm = someone in charge with less reponsibility
22. A bit of glad‐handing = being very friendly to people you have not met before, as a way of trying
to get an advantage: political glad-handing
23. I got one more loose end to tie up = do/complete an unfinished job
24. I don't wana have you in the cross‐hairs = I don't want you hurt in between
25. I snuck you off the estate = I took you outside sevretly
26. Look in the lining of my j box = توی آستر جعبه رو ببين
27. Nefarious people = WICKED, evil, sinful, iniquitous, egregious, heinous, atrocious, vile, foul,
abominable, odious, depraved, monstrous, fiendish, diabolical, unspeakable, despicable;
villainous, criminal, corrupt, illegal, unlawful; dated dastardly.
28. Triple your net worth = increase your money
29. Perpetuate their lies = continue
30. Run afoul of the plan= not follow the plan31. Calculating villain = a very wicked but smart person
32. Making amends = fixing the mistakes
33. Allay your concerns = reduce them
34. Go rogue = not follow protocol, خودسری کردن
35.Home‐wrecker = a person blamed for the breakup
of a marriage or longterm
especially as a result of having an affair with one of the partners.
36."she was accused of being a homewrecker" (google)
37. Pilfer my only friend = STEAL, thieve, take, snatch
38. The charges won't stick = the court won't accept to convict himRevenge season 02 Episode 02
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
The results aren't in yet = they have arrived
Enough to get you by = sufficient to meet your needs
Our company has shaken off vestiges of our financial crisis = company is good now
We took some harrowing risks = frightening or shocking
If there had been any other avenue = we had no other choice
Not qualified but driven = he is not excellent but has motivation
Carrie wants her pay stubs/pay slip = فيش حقوقی
Someplace she can level out = relax
She is off her meds = she is not taking pills
Pulling this shit = do sth dangerous or stupid
They issued a cease and desist =
Sth to the tune of = almost
Silver tongue to sway =
Put a face to a name = can't remember him
Officiate =
My gut tells me = I'm guessing
Preside over their wedding = to be in charge of
The power of nightmares (doc about the rise of fundamentalism)Revenge season 02 Episode 03
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
Reporters camped outside, cluttering the sky
News hounds won't stop
Ding of the seatbelt sign
I was just turning in
I trust you staved them off
I've got enough. I'm calling it
A fresh coat of paint
Steam‐clean the rugs
Do up the room in style
They can buy their way into the headlines
She can be an aunt without throwing money at us
Sort out the room
Are you grounding all of us
Pass the pain de mie
IRS is all up in Nolcorps' grill
Last time push came to shove
He chose to align himself with his father
The Graysons have kept me at arm's length
Kind of sparse for a newborn
Victoria has banished me from her premises
Press pass
A completely legitimate business write‐off
We can attack it tomorrowThey found the Lindberg baby
It is what I signed up for
You ruffled a violent man when you pulled your double‐cross
Aren't you the tiniest bit afraid he might come for you?
To what end
Come summer's end when the story runs its course
A long way off
Death by dumpster had such flair
Seemed fitting
We could make a trade
I decline to answer as I happen to like my neck willowy and working.
Fluphenazine, an antipsychotic, one of the strongest.
Well, that fits. He was a crazy killer.
That's a bit of a leap
Generous to a fault
We should be open inside of a couple of weeks
Your next mark might not be so nice
I'm gonna hold you to that
there are things at play that dwarf your penchant for gullibility.
Do that, and I will have your head on a pike.
From bad comes good
Tonight there'll be no rehashing of the past. Only my aspirations for the future.
Violence to one is violence to all
She's gone off book. She's going to tank.
Given another chance, I would live in truth
It involves your participation
He cherished Charlotte as his ownMy son whose loyalty knows no bounds Operate within the bounds of law
She has seen more bad than good from us
Her tenacity I admire
I wish to welcome her to the fold return to/come back into the fold
Show of solidarity
What a lovely tableau
An exquisite place to honeymoon
Thank you for publicly branding me a cuckold
While you were dazzling the press corps
His recent rogue escapades have made him a target
He's as good as dead if …
You put us back in bed with the very architects of this bane
I would drop everything ISNM to be there for her
This is the last time I take ownership for your lies
He is out to ruin his mother
Better still
Stop acting like you have my best interests at heart
Our interests used to be one and the sameRevenge season 02 Episode 04
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
I lifted a key off your would‐be killer's body
the Initiative are gonna be all over her.
All the more reason I need to find her.
before you made then broke a deal
get in some face time?
It's in short supply around here
I'll hold down the company fort while you're gone.
Ah, that's a necessary evil,
your mother's little hideaway in the woods.
Uh, Daniel will fill you in.
don't take your eyes off him until I return
Given the way he was blatantly licking my boots at breakfast,
Then rest assured, I'll find out what it is.
And since him and I are one and the same,
you've hooked your fish.
Only Luddites use snail mail.
The security company is using a sftwr prog that is proprietary to a subsidiary of Nolcorp.
Now you can monitor Boris and Natasha's every move.
Playing sock puppet with Amanda again?
Another love letter from the I.R.S.? No. It's from your father's estate attorney.
It says his belongings are being held in storage
and will be auctioned off if not claimed.Why are you blowing up my phone, Porter? ‐ I gave you your take.
I covered your ass.
I laid eyes on her for the last time.
Let's cut to the chase,
Then pray, what do you want?
The only person to whom I ever confided the truth about Kara
Perhaps a similar fate awaits you
If you think I'm going to fall prey to your emotional extortion, you are sorely mistaken.
that's your prerogative.
It's impromptu, I know,
I keep thinking, if Conrad were engaged in some impropriety
about being implicated in what my father's done
sth was actually used to inflate investor returns which could bring down the entire company.
burst like a proverbial bubble
They put in all the work, you buy on the cheap and reap all the benefit.
It's a zero‐sum world. One man's loss, another man's gain.
We appreciate you coming on short notice.
Yes, a curious betrayal
he's off the grid,
we'll be most interested in hearing his side of the story.
couldn't get all your stuff back. This should put a dent in it.
Tell me what it's all worth. I'll make it right.
The watch, the babe Ruth, everything they took... you're looking at $20k minI can file an insurance claim.
The bar has been closed. I'm not that liquid.
You never know with her.
I didn't take Amanda for being a God‐fearing woman.
my sister's family is loaded.
Hope we didn't hold things up.
Nice touch, bringing your girls from The Beaver Dam.
I thought I'd at least spread the pain around.
You need to use an E.P.A.‐approved contractor for additional mold remediation.
I was afraid if I asked them to push the interview,
Charlotte, would you escort the ladies to the conservatory for petits fours and refreshments?
Go for it. Make her squirm.
She couldn't walk, much less write.
I had my suspicions about who forged the signature,
she confronted me with some old log‐in sheets that I hand‐delivered Kara
How could she have stumbled upon that?
Listen, I'm wiped. I'm gonna...I'm gonna turn in, all right?
The abruption's caused a decrease in blood flow to your son. And we just don't have
a conclusive assessment of her internal injuries.
but if there comes a point where a decision must be made...
Code blue, code blue, room three!
Induce a coma
so we've put him in the NICU for treatment.Revenge season 02 Episode 05
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
You are his proxy
Don't let it go through your head
All …. are born hardwired to betray
Any leads on his whereabouts?
Fall victim to sb
File a statement with the authorities
In such a public way
Tragedy and sorrow seem to follow her everywhere she goes
I'm such a dope. May I wash up?
This company may be an unrightable ship
Your funds are being handled with utmost discretion
Discretion, or secrecy, rather
Bring him into the fold
He offered a hands‐on approach
Your feud was on full display
It does not inspire confidence
They hail from a rather spirited bloodline
There is no rift
Girl like that is not gonna go for a Groupon
Satisfy my curiosity
I rolled houses for a brighter future
I gotta lay you down buddy
That is one hell of a swaddle
As if things aren't messy enoughBe advised that Personnel has flagged an outside request for David 's employment contract
A bona fide terrorist used to work here
Back to the quarterliesRevenge Season 03 episode 13,15,16
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
He is still smarting
Revisionist history
Put/keep it on ice
I asked for a little muscle
You look sun‐kissed
I know you got a raw deal
She is trying to goad you (into doing sth)
You handled it with panache
You were a little off your game at that time
I was pulled over and blew a 0.14.
Come on. What do you got in the hopper these days?
I had the dress overnighted
Manhandle sb
With the added benefit of giving Victoria her overdue comeuppance.
you still seem as out of sorts as you were all those years ago
Maybe your mind just wants to throw in the towel, Ems.
Your father forced my hand.
If he had moved forward with his lawsuit, the magazine would have folded.
your friends were asking for you on the veranda.
And that's when you hulked out on my cell.
my phone bore the brunt of your wrath
I wish I could just keep you locked up here until the full moon passes.
The authorities were unclear as to the murder weapon, but those stab wounds tell a tale.
And I will hunt him to the ends of the earth.It can wait/ it couldn't wait?
Nobody was there, so I started puttering around,
Revenge Season 03 episode 17
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
I waded through every file
It will take eons
She has dropped off the radar
She's yesterday's news
Porters off the table
Released on my own terms
I don't wanna give them any more ammo
To erase your soiled past from her memories requires a slow burn
You just shot yourself in the foot
Someone is back in our midst and back on the market
One that I am loath to repeat or discuss
He broke his pattern with Emily
Suspicious from the onset
She is a plague on our homes
This placard that I intercepted at the front door augurs otherwise
She won't let up
A painting gracing the foyer
A shameless volley from Pascal that I returned
As long as he is in the pictureRevenge Season 03 episode 18,19
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
No, you've got her pigeonholed at this magazine when she's capable of so much more. S3*18+19 revenge
Your antics inspired the poetry of prose.
Well, at least you still have the bite of a stiff drink.
Ms. Thorne has also transferred funds into your canteen account for sundries.
I'm looking for a lot more than some salve to brighten my complexion.
I thought you would clam up
Your son was busy blatantly trading your name for favors and acting like his ascension was a fait accompli.
since he's already botched that task, allow me to congratulate you on your retirement.
Though announcing it so early is quite the gamble.
imagine the panic that'll ripple through your company,
it makes it easy for vultures to swoop in and feast.
I'm in over my head
My private jet will whisk you away to the Maldives,
You don't think he just wants us chasing our tails? What, and further delay his Magnum opus? No way
I highly doubt that, considering the little chat that you arranged between me and your new paramour.
I'm surprised you didn't know. You used to be so plugged in.
you're the same pathetic lapdog who followed Conrad around the office.
I get a sitter, we turn off our phones, and we try to get back on the same page.
Your hydrangeas are dead. Time was you cared for them like they were gifts from Chloris herself.
We're divorced, and you forfeited any right to question my actions.
I paid Luke handsomely for his silence. And I'd hate for you to derail that armistice with your irrational
angry hacker, chip on his shoulder.
Do you need help on your end?Why exactly am I waiting here? You can't have a stakeout without takeout.
Revenge Season 03 episode 19,21,22
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
I could use sb like you in my corner
I called in a few favors and got the terms of your parole changed.
You represent a new frontier in media technology.
I'm blown away guys
Profit off of sb's death
Say no more. I know all about complicated
It's a mixture of saline and gelatin
What's on here? His undoing
If memory serves, Armagnac is your elixir of choice for a broken heart.
Isn't this the guy you had the dust‐up with at the track?
Tell me nothing is about to blow back on this family.
Once cameras arrive, of course you put aside your righteous indignation.
Oh, you're not on the guest list,Vicki, but I'm sure we can drum up something for you... in the back.
On the heels of of his arrival
Impersonating an agent
A word out of a vile mouth
A hunch
Revel in our victory
Remanded to custody
Title was transferred to our dad
Doting daughter/ dote on sb
a‐list career
Can you run interference in case things take a turn?
I have vermin to stalkBag some graysons
Tone of his thugs‐for‐ hire
Do you suspect foul play? Is Conrad in custody? We'll hash that out at the station.
Revenge Season 04 episode 01
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
I've made my peace with people who have wronged me = I can forgive them
I'm the belle of this ball = the most beautiful person
A lot of names in the hopper = to be in process or waiting to be done
Make your debut as Amanda = first appearance
No takedowns whatsoever = no casualties
Commit sb to a hospital/mental institution = hospitalize
I made you my second‐in‐command = assistant
Feeding your libido = indulge your lust = نفس اماره خود را رها کردن
Precinct rules: rookie pays = police station rule that a new police‐officer pays
Quit hazing my probie = stop bothering my assistant officer
He's a cheap date = not a serious person in a relationship
Throw back a few = drink
Green as hell = inexperienced
I'm never gonna live that down = I can't forget or forgive
Detained for class B felony = in police custody for not that serious a crime
My fitting went swimmingly = my clothes testing was smooth with no problem
My outfit is kind of epic = great
Play musical chairs? = a game with one chair less than the number of participants
Had this little minx custom‐made = beautiful dress
We don't need to hassle with insurance = let's not bother ourselves about thatE.O. is yapping about your party = talking
Solving a conflict without a red sharpie = knife/tension
Your skipper took it out for a joy ride = person in charge of your boat
You insinuated your way into our family = tricky way
Ranting on like a lunatic = to talk or complain in a loud excited and rather confused way because you
feel strongly about something
Conrad had the cops in his pocket = controlled him
No one could pay me off = they can't pay me to remain silent about sth illegal or dishonest
They drum into us this idea that ….
For the greater good
She ditched us. She was the first rat off the ship
You always want to keep me under your thumb
She even had the gall to invite me
Daniel Grayson as in Conrad Grayson
I spun out a bit after my daddy died last year
Poor poppet
Enjoy the trappings of your former life
It's just been a crappy year
I expect the worst of people
I just had a really short fuse since I lost my fiance
Too much too soon
Rub one's nose in everything that's happened
I accepted your invitehe engine turns over
Christen a boat
Don't worry it won't feel a thing
My new mantra; forget the past
We have both been burned by the same match
Revenge Season 04 episode 19
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
Cut a deal
they're not coming after me for fraud. I wish the same could be said for all of our take‐downs.
He rode a tide of public goodwill into that seat in congress.
if he's putting together a coalition, we have to stop him before it reaches critical mass.
Thumb drive
That's why they call it live television. Even you don't get a do‐over.
It is pain when we remove scales from our eyes
That threw me too
You rescued me from the grip of my mama's talons.
But you were never my true wonder twin.
Today, I'm focusing on a story with far more import to you and me...
I'll let others traffic in rumor and speculations
Ease off
Don't beat yourself up
Please tell me that's the bourbon talking
You were the dynamic duo
Cruel to spout such vitriolhey all picked away at your dignity
I should have listened to your deadbeat father
Revenge Season 04 episode 20
Idioms, slangs and vocabulary used in the episode
It's merely screaming in the wind
Well, someone has to lighten the mood around here
I just can't stop my lips from flapping.
She has an insatiable appetite to eviscerate me
Why do you have her holed up here?
You face it with your head held high
That's a club we both have membership to
Dress the part = behave or dress suitably based on the situation
You haven't smoothed things over with Emily yet?
We've talked since our little dust‐up, but, uh...
Since her coming‐out party
You need to air this out. You so don't know Ems.
you're just getting spooked.
I'll be back in two shakes.
Well, that seems to be a recurring theme for me these days, doctor.
She's shook‐up.
I am so very proud of you.
Oh, juicy question. You want to field it, or should I?
Now, we can do this right here in front of your new paramour's employer,
Asaf Ganot suit
Oh, don't romanticize her! She gets off on torturing Victoria
Oh, wow, you're good,
except for those pesky details.
That's a load of bull.
She was a sideshow.
Uncapping the red sharpie
I can get past our history, if you can…. for VictoriaSynopsis of the series revenge 2011‐2015
Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp) is the newest arrival in the Hamptons. By all appearances, she's a
friendly and sophisticated "girl next door," but with a dark family history, Emily is anything but what
she seems. Seventeen years ago, her father was framed for a crime by neighbors he trusted, and
sentenced to life. Emily never saw her father again, and spent her childhood consumed by rage, loss
and betrayal. Now she's returning under an assumed identity with one goal REVENGE
social overture a carefully planned chip at the foundation of her sworn enemies. Victoria Grayson
(Madeleine Stowe) is the glamorous matriarch of the Grayson family and reigning Queen of the
Hamptons who holds a dark secret her
culpability in the events that destroyed Emily's life. Conrad
Grayson (Henry Czerny) is the head of the Grayson family, a man willing to do whatever it takes to
slither out of scandalous situations. Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) is the Graysons' son who finds
himself unable to resist Emily. Charlotte Grayson (Christa B. Allen), their daughter, fits right in with
the "mean girls" of the Hamptons, but is also drawn to boys from the "wrong side of the tracks." Nolan
Ross (Gabrielle Mann) shares a link to Emily's past, her present and her secret. Jack Porter (Nick
Wechsler) has spent his life helping his father manage the Stowaway Tavern, and when fate brings
Emily into his life, he's unable to shake a deja vulike
connection to her. Declan Porter (Connor
Paolo), Jack's kid brother, is intrigued by the wealthy world of these elite vacationers and finds a
target in Charlotte Grayson. Emily's closest friend, Ashley Davenport (Ashley Madekwe), is the goto
event planner who hopes to gain entry into Victoria's good graces and solidify her status among the

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