Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul S1E3

1. I'm in a pickle
2. It is a trumped‐up load of horse crap
3. You got a million legal leap holes. We can dance through them.
4. You're in up to your neck
5. I'm a big screw‐up
6. Hand to God
7. You are swamped with work
8. I'm just spinning thoughts
9. I'm busting my nut here every day for 700 a throw
10.I'm inhaling your BM
11.Screw you geezer
12. I'm just reading tea leaves
13.By hope of hopes this is a big misunderstanding
14.They gave me an earful
15.Pitch it back
16.Good behavior
17.Tell me your thoughts and weigh in
18.I was casing the place
19. Ipso facto
20. Put the word out
21.Sex‐robot voice
22.He turns me into a meat piñata

Better Call Saul S1E5
1. I want you on retainer
2. sit on the commode
3. Just stay put
4. Moxie is in such short supply these days
5. I'm getting into elder law
6. He is more intelligent than you and I put together
7. You wana hash that out while he is lying here?
8. Wave bye bye to your cash cow because it is leaving the pasture
9. The return of slipping Jimmy
10. I just needed a razzmatazz
11. What a grip young man!
12. you are casting a shadow through the peep hole
13. did she consent to sell you the paper?
14. it is a damned travesty
15. the government is gonna fight us tooth and nail

Better Call Saul S1E6
1. He clammed right up
2. I'm not a touchy‐feely cop
3. The normal "tough guy doesn't cry" crap
4. He was catting around
5. I didn't have any late night heart‐to‐hearts with him
6. C.I. or a case
7. It's getting on
8. Are you passing through or sticking around?
9. Why, pray tell, would I do that?
10. Everything should be square and above‐board
11.Juan Valdez bump and dump
12.Don't let his bubbly von vivant personality fool you
13. We shook up the usual suspects, but came up short
14. We kept beating the bushes, kept coming up dry
15. This is a Hail Mary
16.It doesn't help dredging up the past like this
17.I'm sorry you took a flier on me
18.Why did you pull the third‐rate Marx Brothers routine?
19. We were paycheck to paycheck
20. That's a big minus in my book
21. I'll be on the look out
22.You tied one on good back there/binge drinking

Better Call Saul S1E7
1. Can we dial it down a notch?
2. He's young. Looking to make his mark.
3. The whole precinct was a sewer.
4. Some rocks you don't turn over.
5. What got said?
6. Those two Philly cheese steaks didn't fly 2000 m for nothing. (from Philly to
7. Sorry, there was a run on bacon. Maybe next time.
8. I am trying to get acclimated to it.
9. I don't wanna be sitting here, rotting away.
10. Streets of gold.
11. I need to file the 413s/513s.
12. I'll be out of your hair soon.
13. Crochet a runner for the table.
14. Make it look like the front of a cracker barrel.
15.I tried to stave off an arrest.
16. You might be a flight risk.
17.G as in "Guy Lombardo"
18. Keep your elbows to yourself.
19. Lady luck has struck again.
20. Can we back up a scooch?
21. Picture the 25th hour starring Ned and Maude Flaunders.
22. A plum job.
23. My schedule is chock‐full
24. Sing my own praises
25.I'm not exactly crowing over how I snaked them away from you
26. They're not playing with a full deck
27. I worked my ass off finagling with the DA
28. We are now square?
29. It takes one to know one
30.Only Mr. Kettleman is on the hook for the whole embezzlement kerfuffle/fuss

Better Call Saul S1E8
1. I'm really slammed
2. Draft dodgers
3. Distance learning
4. Third time is the charm
5. Bask in the glow
6. Hydrox
7. Play Tom Sawyer
8. Hire a paralegal
9. It's nothing earth‐shaking.
10.She got soaked for 400 $ last month
11. It could be class‐action
12. You don't wanna go off half‐cocked/full‐cocked
13. What gives?
14. Gigolo
15. I've got I.B.S.
16. Spoliation
17. Next time use double‐ply
18. Let's not fixate on the medium, but rather the message
19. Stop trying to rattle my cage
20. It's a shakedown
21. Hobos can use it as a wigwam
22. It's above‐the‐belt legal
23. At least it is not cross‐cut
24.I'll put it on (coffee)
25. It's your smoking gun
26. It's a good opening salvo
27. Shepherdize like the wolf is at the door
28. Pretty please with sugar on top
29. Bill it to Howard
30. 300 dollars worth of printing
31. Kid's a dream
32.The death benefit helped
33. It's only a drop in the bucket/ocean
34. They're the pistons, you are the bull
35. It's quite a laundry list
36.It's Salvador Dali creative37. You're not gonna make this stick
38. Setting aside evidentiary concerns
40.They don't bilk them
42. Are you trying to make this a Rico case
43.Like our client is John Gotti or sth
44. Rico is mostly used for business beefs
45. Sedima establishes a pretty low threshold for Rico provisions to kick in
46. Interstate commerce is a bitch
47. You are looking at treble damages
48.Quash this prohibition against you
49. Some injunctive relief maybe a T.R.O.
50. No heartworm, no mange
51.I had dachsie in the other day (Doksi)

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