1. You dare to dream of a better life. 2. I am in awe of your determination to succeed = adore your determination to succeed 3. Stop acting like you're Dame Judi Dench. a. Dame = a British title given to a woman as an honour for achievement or for doing good things 4. It still beats being a s.. symbol, for bored housewives. 5. How much more infantile pouting do I have to put up with? 6. The kitchen sink is stopped up. 7. Her hold on him will weaken eventually = 8. Did you take over for Lupe? = become a substitute for Lupe? 9. Stafford's new wife, is a hot mess. 10. You spilled = spilled the beans =told a secret 11. I'm at my wit's end. = very angry 12. you were out of my league 13. blood and gore = violence a. EX: He likes movies with plenty of blood and gore 14. What is that to him? 15. she wants to spend some quality time with our son. 16.Suspect maintains his innocence. 17. No harm, no foul= no need for punishment or apology if nothing bad happened 18. She was stone‐cold deaf= completely deaf 19. You're wearing your smug smile= a smile which showing self‐satisfaction and self‐absorption 20. when a woman's skin crawls… a. if sb's skin/flesh crawls, he is terrified or have unpleasant feeling 21. I called my friend, but she flaked. Devious maids Season 01 (by Mougeh Javadi) Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the series Page 2 22.He would assume the worst. بدترين حالت را در نظر ميگيرد 23.You guys know how to pull off poverty. ( (غلبه کردن بر فقر 24. Let's just savor the moment. = to fully enjoy the moment 25. Like the hook ran into the fish. 26. He's been living in a frat house= a social club for male undergraduates 27. I was a rope in a very nasty game of tug‐of‐war. 28. She was my confidante, my confessor, my muse and my partner in crime. a. Confidante= ( شخص مورد اعتماد (مونث muse (noun) = شخص الهام بخش 29. I've got dibs= entitlements/rights 30. I've been priming that pump since the day he trimmed my hibiscus. a. prime the pump informal =to encourage a business, industry, or activity to develop by putting money or effort into it 31. we've both had a run of bad luck. 32.watch your tone 33. You're trying to shake me down a. Shake sb down = get money from sb through using treats/tricks 34. Oscar Wilde said, "Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. 35. We'll find a way to lift your spirits. 36. We should leave by 11:00 to beat the traffic. 37.I'll make it worth your while = to offer something to someone so that they will do something for you 38. It's a hotbed of talent. a. be a hotbed of sth =a place where a lot of a particular type of activity, especially bad or violent activity, happens 39. you're a little underproduced= 40.But can I keep it real with you? (؟ ( می تونم باهات صادق باشم 41. She's worried history will repeat itself. Devious maids Season 01 (by Mougeh Javadi) Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the series Page 3 42. He propositioned her while she was working in some diner. a. =to suggest to someone that they have s.. with you 43. She's been through a lot. 44.Who's never seen you with crow's‐feet ( (چروک پاکلاغی کنار چشم 45. You're emaciated =very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold 46.Divorce agrees with you. 47. He must be down on his luck.= not believing in his luck 48. I haven't gotten around to it= didn't find time to do it a. get around to doing something (spoken) =to find time to do something 49. Our girl's in a bind.= in trouble 50. We're two days away from our annual gala, and our host begged off= excusing from hosting the party 51. I've dropped hints= have given warnings/ hints 52.don't get your hopes up ( ( زياد اميدوارنباش 53. this one is impenetrable. = impossible to understand 54. I'm trying to create an image stylish, cool, A‐list. 55.They say fame is like a magnifying glass, It makes you a bigger version of who you are. 56. She looks so good for her age. 57. You were spilled on by a maid. 58. You are going to be all smiles for the rest of the night 59. Are you having a good time? Oh, time of my life a. Time of my life= I am having the best time ever. 60. wasn't thrilled to be handed that cigar 61.she turned him down flat. 62. I went to a club to blow off some steam Devious maids Season 01 (by Mougeh Javadi) Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the series Page 4 63.One thing led to another. 64. She's off sugar. 65. Could you forgo the accusatory look? 66. you would have tried to talk me out of it. 67. That dweeb is so desperate to hang on to me, 68. he's willing to let me step out once in a while 69. I'll play ball. 70. Do you have any gigs lined up? 71. It's a pretend marriage. 72. "Good riddance. a. good riddance (to sb) spoken a rude way of saying you are glad someone has left 73. You took your eyes off of him. 74.You let that car plow right into him. 75. I'm still so filled with rage. 76. Well, you've certainly gotten back at me with your disgusting little hobby. 77. And you broke the rules when you crossed the line from voyeur to participant. 78. I needed to be on mood stabilizers = used mood stabilizer 79. But years of Mexican cooking have disfigured me. 80. You shouldn't sneak up on people like that. = tell on sb/give information about sb 81. You look very dashing today= wears nice clothes and is very attractive and confident a. Dashing= who wears nice clothes and is very attractive and confident / lively and spirited 82. last thing I wanna do is give that bitch ammo. Devious maids Season 01 (by Mougeh Javadi) Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the series Page 5 a. Give sb ammo = give sb info/evidence that can be used to support a charge or argument 83. So let's step it up a notch. 84. You're taking this really well. 85. I believe she happened upon one of your nauseating DVDs. 86. I finally have a maid who can cook and conjugate English verbs. 87. If you can't shield this secret from her, you're not the brilliant degenerate I married. a. Degenerate = morally unacceptable 88. That was precisely the pep talk I needed. 89.No strings attached 90. I may be destitute, but I would never debase myself just to pay a few bills. 91.if memory serves me 92. Perhaps my tone is not conveying the seriousness of my intention. 93. if you could find it in your heart to forgive me, I would love to come back and work for you. 94. The people who work for us must also keep our secrets. 95.Take off your load 96.News travels fast. 97. Must have lost track of time. 98. Eyes on the prize 99. I'm very pleased with this turn of events. 100. to bridge the gap = to reduce the difference between.. 101. a rat‐infested apartment = invaded by rats in great numbers 102. We can do small talk later= friendly conversation about unimportant subjects Devious maids Season 01 (by Mougeh Javadi) Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the series Page 6 103. I need to ask you both a favor before you meet my new beau= a woman's lover 104. Don't be crass= don't be insensitive a. Crass = behaving in a stupid and offensive way which shows that you do not understand or care about other people's feelings 105. It's not that far‐fetched= extremely unlikely to be true or to happen 106. the door swings inward (figurative meaning??) 107. I'm so swamped with work 108. When you're blind, the other four senses become more heightened. 109. You should go shut it tight. 110. Alfred will be a doting father= adoring father 111. she's a loon and a half= humorously silly or strange 112. He's cutting a tooth= growing tooth 113. We had a falling out= have a bad quarrel with someone 114. That does leave a mark. 115. It was a slip of the tongue. 116. You've been wanting to sabotage this relationship 117. there's no need for all this hand‐wringing= an excessive display of concern or distress 118. I would advise you to mind your tone. 119. I've put my life on hold waiting for him to get away from that woman. 120. I was completely in the wrong. 121. I was so taken with him, I just lost track of time. 122. it really would mean the world to me. 123. The entire theater is beguiled by the delicate grace that exudes from the stage. 124. You just never put him first. Devious maids Season 01 (by Mougeh Javadi) Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the series Page 7 125. They'll be green with envy. 126. I'm swamped with work tonight غرق کار بودم 127. how long it would take you to lay this at my doorstep = blame this on me 128. lay/ put something at someone's door =Fig. to blame a problem on someone; to hold someone responsible for something 129. I may be off the beam= mistaken /incorrect 130. I will forgive you every act of debauchery you have ever committed a. debauchery /dɪˈbɔːtʃəri/ = immoral behaviour involving drugs, alcohol, s.. etc 131. I was gonna spoil you rotten= to let sb do whatever they want to do 132. I suffer from repressed anger ( (خشم فروخورده 133. do not bring it into the open = don't reveal it 134. There is no 'need to lose your head= get angry and uncontrollable 135. I want to take a bite out of same apple that is munching. ( من هم ميخوام سهمی داشته باشم) 136. You moronic squib 137. It was a perverse grab for attention. = try to attract attention in an immoral way 138. Nix the chardonnay = refuse the … 139. You are a big ball of hostility. 140. I'm dumping him = end an emotional relationship. 141. negotiating a settlement on behalf of her assailant = attacker 142. You must be a connoisseur= an expert esp. in fine arts 143. It's a little tacky= of poor taste/cheap/badly made 144. It will not matter one iota = not even a small amount Devious maids Season 01 (by Mougeh Javadi) Idioms, slangs and expressions used in the series Page 8 145. I wouldn't be the first wife who learns to look the other way= ignore/not to try to stop sth bad 146. My boyfriend threw a fit= is very angry/shocked 147. loosen up the purse strings ( ( سرکيسه رو شل کن 148. he doesn't swing that way = isn't inclined to do sth 149. I was being molested= harassed/ sexually abused 150. I hope she told him to slither back to his swamp 151. Remi lost it= became very angry and upset 152. you'll be the belle of the balls ball= the most beautiful girl at a dance or party 153. I will be a full‐fledged agent in the music division = well‐traind agent 154. I'll chip in if you add my name to the card= I will participate if you… 155. Let's elope= run away to get married secretly 156. Alejandro's private life has recently become grist for the tabloid mill.. a. (all) grist to the mill / BrE (all) grist for the mill b. = something that is useful in a particular situation 157. you'll pick up where you left off. 158. They were not on speaking terms ( (قهر بودند 159. You're not the kind of man who likes to take "no" for an answer. 160. Please stop dabbing me= stop patting me

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